The basics of teeth whitening

Discolouration of our teeth to some degree is something that is completely normal and happens as we age. It is also normal to experience if you have undergone treatment to straighten your smile, especially with fixed braces. Thankfully, teeth whitening can bring that beautiful smile to life by elevating your smile back to brightness in a natural way. Our specialists are highly experienced in routinely offering this, especially following orthodontic treatment, so you’re in safe hands.

A little more on our whitening treatments

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    Whitening trays with teeth whitening gel are the most common method of whitening teeth. You’ll have the option to take a kit home or have in-clinic treatment.

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    The stages of whitening treatments take minutes, while whitening treatments come as courses over a few weeks to give you the best results.

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    We include teeth whitening as part of all of our private orthodontic treatment as a finishing touch to your new smile.

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